20 Best Board games for Kids 2020

Kid Board Game

This new profound era of technology has definitely changed culture and tradition. Kids nowadays would identify games like Minecraft, NBA 2K20, or PokemonGo. Although most games now are online; board games will always be a classic. Why not unplug and bond with family by interactively playing with each other through board games? Here are 20 Best Board games that kids will enjoy this 2020;


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Scrabble is an educational and fun word game for adults and kids. It’s a great way to be competitive with your knowledge!


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Fan of detective movies? This is the game for you! It’s a mystery game that can keep everyone on their toes.


Are you feeling lucky today? Then test your luck with this Hasbro classic game! It’s easy to learn, so your kids will have no problem understanding it for your game night.

Chinese Checkers

A great classic in every family gathering. What’s more? You can have up to six players!

Chutes and ladders

Anyone can play this Hasbro classic! It’s an excellent way to test your young ones with their numbers.


Test not only your brain but also your patience in this classic board game.


Start your own empire with Monopoly. It’s a real estate game that will test your money-making skills.


If you’re feeling quite energetic, Twister is the game for you. Test your balance and flexibility with this gigantic board game that anyone can play.

Candy land

A game that young people can play as early as three years old! Easy to play; all you have to do is match the color to the board.

Guess who?

A guessing game that will keep your young ones entertained.


Trouble is an exciting game of luck. It will keep your kids on edge every time the dice rolls.


This is a great game to test the hand and eye coordination skills for future doctors.

Game of life

Craving for a longer game? Test your decision skills with this game!


Are you looking for a game for your travels? Mancala is the best choice.

Connect 4

A classic game for people with a short attention span. Perfect for kids.

Sushi-Go Party

This game enhances strategy and probability skills for up to 8 players!


A spin-off game of Bingo that targets kids! Great way to teach language and matching skills.


An educational game that enhances planning and problem solving for kids.


A Tetris-like game with more players and fun for all ages!


Heist is a fun team game for your family that tests your quick thinking skills.

With these board games, your house will be full of fun and joy. Board games are a great way to bond with your kids. These games are not just fun but educational as well. Not to mention, your kids will be having some much needed off-screen time and rest their eyes. These board games will be a different experience for you kids!

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