Ludo: An Exciting Board Game

Ludo has been a popular game around the world. Playing ludo has been an exciting and fun game board everyone in most of the world love to play, and people playing it enjoyed it. It can be played by friends and family members and with your loved ones. 

Ludo game board is loose or win type of game. It is played by two, three or four players. The game contains four phases each marked with numbers and with different colors mostly, red, blue, green and yellow. It can be played with one or two dice either with a hand or a container to roll the dice and you have the option to play either on board with friends and on a computer with friends across the world. 

ludo blue dice

Ludo board game initially originated from the Indian game Pachisi in the 6th century. It was first practiced on a board on the caves of Ellora. Ludo is the newest version of it in recent times. It was also played by the Mughal emperors of India. North Americans call it Parcheesi, Spain call it Parchis, Colombian call it Parqués, Ghanaians call it six mi Ludo, and Nigerians call it Ludo and so on. Many countries across the world have different names for ludo.

Ludo on a Board

Ludo board is normally square and three columns each, the colors join in the form of a cross and meet at a center. On the center, the columns five squares of different colors lie and it indicates the home of a player. It contains unique areas usually colored with yellow, blue, green and red. Before its played, players choose a color and have four dockets with the same color. A player starts at the second sixth colored squared usually indicated with a different color on the column.

ludo board

Rules Guiding Ludo Board Game

When starting the game, each player has four dockets at the corners places of the board having the player’s color. Only one player can start at a time on their squares and roll a die on board along the game path and then counts the number they get on the column. The first to enter all his four dockets wins the game.

  • In playing a ludo board game, each country has rules guiding the game. Indian ludo in mostly played with two dice and on a starting when rolling two dice, one must get a 1 or a 6 to start an immediate play or allow three to four trials to roll a six.
  • If two colors meet together doubled, it blocks another color that one cannot pass and to pass such blocks the player rolls to get a six or a 1.
  • Two colors joined together can be moved half if a player gets a number. Let say one out of the double colors can move to two spaces if the player gets a 4.
  • All the four pieces owned by a player must go around before it enters the home column which marks the end of the game.
  • A player must count all the numbers he rolled.
ludo set up


In conclusion, everyone plays the ludo board game in recent times either with a board to play against friends or with phones to play against a computer. It is an exciting game to enjoy at any time.

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