About Eldritch Horror

We all have an adventurous side in our personality. Mysteries give us to chill and fun. Eldritch Horror is such a game full of mysteries and adventure. Sometimes you will feel the horror too. This game has a horror side with its vicious monsters, dark cult, and horrible fantasy moves. It is a complex cooperative board game.


You can play Eldritch Horror alone or can choose seven partners to play this game. The game was designed in the year 2013 and was inspired by the Arkham Horror. As I said earlier it is a game full of mysteries hence every player works as an investigator to solve them. It is a fantasy game where the player plays the role of investigator and travels around the world to solve the global mysteries.

Their opponent is an ancient elder who wants to destroy the world. It has unimaginable power and the players must solve the problem before his awakening. Hence the investigator’s ultimate game is to banish the ancient one from the world by solving mysteries.

Steps Involved In Playing Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror is played over a series of game rounds. Every round has three phases that need to be played in the following order.

  1. Action phase: In this phase, the player has to perform two actions as an investigator. After one player turn, only the player on the left side can continue with the game. Every investigator can perform each action only once during a round. This phase gives the opportunity to be prepared for the next task.
  2. Travel action: If a player wants to move one additional space can use a travel ticket which was gained during the action phase. The game provides two types of travel tickets. One, train ticket and second ship ticket. Investigators can spend tickets according to their travel type. If an investigator has a train ticket then he would move along the train path and if he has a ship ticket then move along ship paths.
  3. Rest action: Rest action provides the investigator with one health and one sanity but if there is a monster he cannot perform.
  4. Trade action: Investigator may trade with another investigator to find suitable asset clues and travel tickets, spells, etc.

During this phase, he continues his action with acquired assets action and component actions.

  • Encounter phase: On a space, if the investigator faces more monsters he has to fight with all of them. Encounter phase is considered to be more complicated as compared with the action phase as the investigator tends to find the monster or resolve encounter cards in their current space. The investigator has to pass through three types of encounters such as combat encounters, location encounters, and token encounters.
  • Mythos phase: It is the final stage of the game in which the lead investigator has to draw the top card of the mythos deck. There are seven possible effects of a mythos card and the lead investigator resolves them in the order they appear by moving left to right from the top.


Eldritch Horror is such a game full of suspense horror and mystery. It is a brain teaser game because you need to have the capacity of resolving the actions and clues. You will feel overwhelmed while playing the Eldritch Horror with your friends. Also, you will be able to find the leadership and investigator quality within you.

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