All About The Chess Game

The chess game is the smallest battlefield to show one’s strategy in a board game. Chess was discovered sometime before the 7th century from an Indian game Chaturanga.

Each player holds a set or army of 16 pieces that includes the king, the queen, 2 rook, 2knights, 2 bishops and 8 pawns. Each piece has a different move from the other. The whole agenda of this game is to put the king of the opponent in an inescapable position. The move is called the checkmate.

Chess is a technique of exchanging pieces for similar pieces of the opponent. The more one exchanges, the better are the chances to win.



  • Setup

An 8×8 grid, the chess game is played on a checkered board comprising of 64 square. The squares are placed in alternate colors of white and black. Each player gets 16 pieces each.

  • Movement

The queen is the strongest and the pawn is the weakest, each piece has its own special move.

  • Castling

It is a very important move in the game. The king for once is allowed to move 2 squares along with the firs rank towards the rook. It has some rules following it:

  1. The rook and the king should not have moved from their positions during the game.
  2. There should be no other piece in between the king and the rook.
  3. The king should not be moving from a position to or from the check.
  4. Also, the king cannot pass through any square under attack from the opponents.

This is an interesting move in the chess game. A pawn making the two-step advance first move lands beside an opponent, it gives the opponent a chance to change spaces with the last square the pawn just moved. It has to be done in the very next chance of the opponent or the right is forfeited.

  • Check

It is that part of the game where the king is under attack by the opponent from one or two sides. Depending on the pieces that attack the king may or may not be able to escape the position. Although the agenda of the game is to checkmate and put the king in a position of no escape.


End Of The Game

The game ends fewer than 3 circumstances. The win, the draw, and the time control.

  1. The win- a clear picture where one of the players strategically wins the game either by checkmate, in time, the resignation of opponent or forfeit.
  2. The draw- this is the position where both players agree to end the game in varying situations such as draw by agreement, stalemate, fifty move rule, seventy-five move rule, threefold and fivefold repletion of position, insufficient material or draw in time.
  3. Time control- chess game is often played in time control during competitions. In this pattern, if a player runs out of time before making the move, the game is considered lost.


In recent times, it is found that there are more than 2000 variants of chess games. They are shortly categorized as western chess, international chess, classic chess, orthodox chess, and orthochess. Brain skills and intelligence has long been discussed in time considering chess as one of the most preferred for brain development.

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