All That You Need To Know About Chinese Chess!

At present, you can’t see kids playing any ancient games. They are attached to their mobile phones. Chinese chess is an exciting game that was introduced in China in ancient times. It is sporadic to see people playing this game.

Chinese chess, a game, is played strategically to show out your talent and power. The lovers of chess still play this game. Lots of tournaments conducted all over the world. These games played in many countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore, and other Asian countries. Several important rules and regulations, followed in this game to make a fair play. Two players play this game to show their talent and power.

How To Play Chinese Chess

  • Two individuals should play this game.
  • Each player should control their chess pieces and should have the necessary knowledge regarding each piece.
  • You should have a standard and transparent object on your game.
  • The players should try to manage and handle their chess pieces properly to win the game.
  • You can win the game if you put the opponent’s general in the checkmate.

Apart from the above rules, there is a rule which differentiates ordinary chess and Chinese chess. That is, the general (king) in the chess game cannot be face to face on the board, and the chess pieces should be placed on the broader line of the board. It cannot be kept inside the squares as a regular chess play. Considered as an essential rule that should be followed.

This game is trendy among Chinese. This game depicts a war between two armies, and finally, who wins it is the winner. To become a winner of the game, you should make the opponent’s general (king) as a checkmate. Chinese chess, also similarly played like ordinary chess. So it is not a challenging game to play. Played by all the ages of people who have confidence and a sound strategy mind. 

What Are The Pieces In Chinese Chess?

  • General (king)
  • Advisor (guards)
  • Horse (knights)
  • Cannon
  • Elephants
  • Chariots
  • Soldier

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