All You Need To Know About The Ludo Game

The Ludo game started in the 6th century in India like chess. The first evidence was found in the famous caves of Ajanta. The Mughal emperors played this game in India. Eventually, the Jalaluddin Akbar loved playing this game according to Indian Mughal history. Moreover, it took different changes in England in the 19th century. Thus,the game came to be known as Ludo after its earlier change in 1896. Since then, we are calling it Ludo. Finally, it got a patent successfully. 

Names Around The World For LUDO


In America, the game is known as the brand name Parcheesi. Variety in-game types can be found in different brands for LUDO. In Germany game has a different name, “Mensch Agere dich nicht, “which has exciting meaning “Man, do not get irritated’. With the same meaning, it has Dutch Czech, Slovak, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, and Polish names But it most commonly Known as Chinczyk.

 In Sweden, it is famous with the name “FIA’; derived from Latin language word Fiat which means so be it. Commonly familiar names for Ludo are Fia-spell and Fia Knuff. Therefore, in Germany and Norway, it has the same name LUDO.

The Ludo Board 


Typically four side areas on Ludo comprise of color bright yellow, red, blue, and green. Every player selects one color and receives four tokens with matching colors. These days tokens comprise of plastic but bone discs depicted the old symbols. The game board is divided into four parts with a cross, and the cross leads a track for discs to move to their houses. Every middle column has five colored boxes that show a safe way to the players’ home.

There is a colored box next to the colored big square box which is located as a start from the player’s house. The round almost ends in the 6th box right above the 5 colored boxes column, which leads towards the house. This game is played with dices that shows different numbers, and there are different rules and variations around the world, but dice is a must-play for the game as every player rolls the dice and waits to receive names and move his or her disc according to numbers achieved. 

Ludo Popularity

This simple yet extremely entertaining game is almost everyone’s favorite. On every gets to gather, people love to play Ludo game. This game is a favorite of all age groups. As it keeps the interest and attention high trough out the competition. Ludo game boosts the excitement and offers immense pleasure with family and loved ones.

In this busy life and advanced technology, it let you seek out of the boring, dull life and you spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Sometimes popularity of the Ludo game made it appear on the play store so that now people can play this game with people around the world. It is an addiction kind of entertainment for some people that never ends. That they barely leave it. 

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