Amazing Board Game- Twilight Imperium

Twilight Imperium, is an epic board game with galactic conquest. Christian T. Peterson was the creator of this game. It was produced by fantasy flight games and first released in the year 1997.

Now its fourth edition has been released with many changes. This game has a large scale space opera. Players enjoy the game. Players enjoy the game with its sprawling story elaborated with bargaining political intrigue and galactic domination. It takes five to six hours to play this game. As its really a large-scale game. Players take part as a faction that tries to rule the galaxy. Every faction has its own ability to conquer the galaxy. Eight players can play this game. Every addition of this game is slightly changed to each other.


Components of the Game

The main facet of Twilight Imperium includes cardboard, map tiles, plastic units, cards, cardboard counters, and players sheet. The map that is built from hexagon tiles represents three planets, empty space or a red-bordered system. Mecatolre, in the center of the board game, the planet with the rest of the galaxy, and has built-in concentric rings.

Plastic playing pieces represent various start ship classes and ground forces. Counters are used to keep the record. They are also very useful for command token, control makers, trade goods and extra fighters. You need these counters for the ground forces.

One determines the ownership of the planet with the help of cards. They can use it for trading technology, secret objectives, special actions, and policy voting agendas.

How to Play the Game

Release of the first edition of the Twilight Imperium game happened in its basic concept with races between several alien species but the rules and formats have changed slightly for every next edition. The basic concept of Twilight Imperium remained the same in the manner of performing actions. Players wait for their turn to perform action one by one such as building units, moving units, using strategy cards and using special action.

The most recent edition of Twilight Imperium is the fourth edition and we will take about the playing method of the fourth edition here.

Remember you are representing one of the seventeen different fashions. Your goal is to defeat all your opponents and to reach ten victory points. If you are the first to reach this level then you can claim the imperial thorn.

In order to win the game, you have to cross all the four phases carefully.

  1. Strategy Phase: This phase will provide you a strategy card with a powerful ability to cross the action phase. You can choose between leadership card, diplomacy card, politics card, construction trade card, warfare card, technology card or imperial card according to your scale.
  2. Action Phase: This phase offers the player to move the unit, resolve combat, trade, etc. You can take tactical action, strategic action or can pass according to your strategy.
  3. Status Phase: This phase gives you time to relax and refresh.
  4. Agenda Phase: One can unlock the agenda phase when the planet in the middle of the board has been taken. After that players will vote on an outcome of two agendas which can have a lasting effect on the rest of the game.


For over two years Twilight Imperium has thrilled people with its strategy which is grand storytelling and tactical. It is a game that gives an experience of galactic conquest. If you are 14 plus then you are eligible to play this game.

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