Balderdash Is A Dictionary Game!

Sometimes people may be wondering what is meant by a balderdash game? Since this is a very different game among the pool of games. You can also call this game a dictionary game. This is a Canadian game introduced by Laura Robinson and Paul Toyne in the year 1984 in Canada. This is an educational game that can boost your memory power and knowledge. People play this to test their talent and memory power.

Balderdash game is a fantastic game that is played seldom. But there are people in this who are very much interested in learning new things. Some people love frictions. Those kinds of people can try the balderdash game. This game is mainly based on the level of knowledge the players have. High concentration is essential in playing this game to be a winner.

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How to Play

  • The game will start when each player rolls the dice. The highest number that is rolled by a player will be considered as the 1st dasher of the game.
  • And the dasher should get a card from the “definition box” without seeing. A definition box is a box that contains lots of definitions cards about different things.
  • And again the dasher should roll the dice to choose the word that is mentioned in the definition card.
  • Once the word is selected by rolling the dice, the dasher should read out the word aloud to the other players and then write the meaning of the word on the paper provided to him by looking at the definition card.
  • Soon after the dasher writes the meaning in the paper, the rest of the players in the game should write a definition which they think that might suit the word correctly. This process should be done by each player individually without showing anyone.
  • The players should hand over the definitions written by them to the dasher. Then the dasher will check on to it, and the player submits the correct definition is awarded three points immediately.
  • If there is more than one correct answer, the round is conducted again. If no one writes a correct answer, then the dasher will read out the definitions including the real definition in an improper order.

More About How To Play

  • The players should keep in mind the definitions and guess the correct definition if a player finds out the real definition he is awarded two points suppose if no one guesses the dasher will receive three points automatically
  • The players should move their coin from one block to another when they receive one point. The proceeds will continue.
  • In the end, the player who reaches the end block first is considered as the winner of the game. 


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