Best Snake Classic Game in 2020

Snake Classic Game

Is it a throwback thursday? Because we are bringing back snake games this 2020. Snake games are one of the classic video games. The most nostalgic memory anyone would have with this game is playing it on their Nokia phones.

Most of these games are challenging, and losing is inevitable. But we can’t deny that these games are fun and somewhat addicting. From kids to adults, almost everyone can play it, and it is a great way to relax. Here are some best classic snake games this 2020;


A man sitting in front of a computer screen

Pac-man is the iconic yellow character that eats off fruits and pellets and avoids ghosts on its path. This classic game is composed of 256 levels. It is easy to play but definitely much more challenging than the classic snake game. All you have to do is eat the pellets and swallow ghosts on the way but Pac-man is in a maze-like map.

A close up of a metal chain is similar to the classic snake game. Aside from having a snake-like avatar, both of them also eat pellets to grow. But gets better; it is a multiplayer browser game so you can play with other players and customize your snake.

Snake classics

This game is a typical snake game with more great graphics than its predecessor. The snake is color green, and its goal is to eat fruits in the field; as it continues to eat, the snake grows, and it gets harder to move. If you like classic, this is for you.

Similar to, is a multiplayer online game. But instead of having a snake-like character, players start as a small cell and grow after eating smaller cells. The player can also split into two and consume surrounding cells strategically.

Bobo Snake

Bobo Snake is one of the classic snake games. With the typical characteristic of snake games, the game is about consuming food to grow. At the same time, it needs to avoid some obstacles during its hunt for food.

Classic snake game

This snake game is similar to the first snake game and pays homage to the classics with its retro style and sound. The game has five levels, and the player can control the snake’s speed as it devours the food for its growth.

Snake Rewind

This game of snake is playable everywhere. From phones to computers, this game will give you nostalgia. To start the game, a snake will spawn, and the player can control it to eat fruits for it to grow. The speed will also increase together with its length and will be harder to control.

These games really do bring back memories. There are other variations of the classic snake game we all love. As technology develops, these games get more creative with its graphics and overall theme. Before, it would just be in black and white and in pixelated form but now it’s full of color and high-resolution graphics. However, some things never change. These games will still challenge your mind and body’s synchronization.

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