Cheese It Up With The Chess Game

Chess Game

Chess is a royal game which started in 1500 years ago. The chess game, invented in the 6th century Ad in India and later introduced in Persian. After when Arab occupied Persia, Muslims become interested in chess, and afterward, through the Moorish conquest of Spain, it spread in Europe. Chess is a tactics game.

It required two players on a checkered board with 64 squares placed in an 8×8 grid. Chess game has players around the globe. In Japanese chess is called Xiangqi, and in India, it is called Chaturanga, in Korea, chess is called Shogi.

Chess game has no hidden information, While each player start the game with 16 Two Knights

  • Two Bishops
  • Eight pawns.
  • pieces which include
  • One king
  • One queen
  • Two rooks

Every piece has different moves ways. The most powerful is the queen on the board, and the least powerful is Pawn. The game objective is checkmate, which means the challenger king is placed under an inescapable threat of detaining. Throughout the play, the chess characters are used to attack and save the king.

 In the duration of the game, pieces are exchanged with similar articles to seek for an opportunity to get a better position profitably. Furthermore, the antagonist wins the game if the other player resigns or in case of time runs out. There are also chances and ways in which competition can end or end in a draw.


Chess Game

By caucus, the chess game is played between two players. Game pieces divide into two opponents, black and white.

 The pieces are set on a board that has a square shape with eight rows and denoted one to eight from bottom to top. In a chess game, rows are called Ranks, and columns are called files. The 64 square alternates in color referred to as light and dark squares at the right hand of the players. Both queens start on their square white or black.


Chess Game

In this wise game, the colors dedicated to the seniors. The formal set the colors without planning. Some times by toss or one player hide the color in hand and ask another player to choose one. 

White takes the first step and then one piece per turn. In the case of castling, players receive two moves. The part moves to vacant square or one opponent’s space to capture and remove from boar. Insole exception of En-passant pieces catch the movement from other opponents’ pieces.

Strategic Moves

  • The king moves one square in any direction. Also, the king has the exclusive move, which called castling, that rivets are moving a rook.
  • A rook can move any number of squares with a rank of the file but has no move over the other pieces.
  • Rook work with the king in castling.
  • A bishop can move diagonally but has no jump move over other pieces.
  • The queen has the combo of rook and bishop power, and she can move any number in any square with file, rank, or diagonal she has no ability like the bishop to jump over other pieces.
  • A knight moves in any square or closest square, not in the same file, rank, diagonal. This knight move makes L shape: Two vertical square with one horizontal with one vertical. The only the knight has the power to jump over the pieces 
  • A pawn can move forward in unoccupied spaces immediately in the same direction. In its first move, it can move two squares in the same file.

Chess is a mind game that allows players to play trough tactics. Chess is a famous worldwide game that we can play online with players or with computer software. It has different stages like En passant, Promotion, Castling, Win and Draw.

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