Everything You Need To Know About The Rento Game

All of us will be interested in playing games, especially adventurous games. Games are essential to keep our lives interesting. In the year 1904, a person called Elizabeth Magie, a U.S patent, invented the game board, the landlord`s game. This was a realty game board intended to educate the people, later it was converted to a game board Rento. 

Rento is where you need to play group-wise, so you can`t play this game all alone. The game should at least contain 2 to 6 players, and players should be brave and intelligent to win this game. The properties will be represented by the player who is collecting three card sets. Standard property cards are a critical thing in Rento. The winner of Rento is pretty straightforward. If a player gets full three sets that are in different colors, he or she will be the winner.


Type Of Cards In A Rento Game

  • Four rule cards are for quick-start.
  • There are 39 property cards.
  • 47 action cards. These cards can be used as money cards too.
  • 20 money cards. These cards shouldn’t be missed if you want to play.
  • Double the rent card: Using this card rent should be charged doubled
  • Sly deal: You can steal property cards using this
  • Forced deal: You can exchange property with another property using this card.
  • Deal breakers: it is possible to stead properties if you have deal-breakers. This includes buildings, too. Hence, a powerful card.
  • Debt collector: Using this card can collect 5m from one rival.
  • It`s my birthday: This is the card of bonus, where you could collect 2m from each player.

More About The Game And The Cards

  • Pass go: This card can be used to collect to action card at a time.
  • Money cards: These cards are put into your bank for paying fees.
  • Bi-colored property wild cards: These cards can be used as a substitute for another color card.
  • Property wild card (Multi-colored): you can substitute properties that, are in any color, so for that, you need these cards. Even though these are great for payments, there are threats from deal breakers, forced deal action cards, and sly cards.
  • Rent cards: You can collect rent from all the rivals of the game when you receive this card in your hand. 

As you can see that there are many cards in this game, so you have to be wise when playing. Also, make sure to double-check the rules before playing. 



You can play Rento online with more three players. To play Rento game, offer each player $1500 and choose a game piece. Roll the dice to push around the board and try to buy properties on the place you land by collecting $200 when you pass.

The person who holds several properties and money at the end will be the ultimate winner of the game. Perhaps, it is apparent that you are going to try this game soon. Make sure to get along with two or more people to play this game. 

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