Experience The Thrill Of Terra Mystica

A euro-style board game named Terra Mystica came into the picture in the year 2012. Soon after its debut, it became very popular among people. It has secured its place among the top 10 best strategy games. It is a wonderful game as it has a much replayability facility. We can say that it is a simple game with a strategy and very little luck. 2 to 5 players are required to play this game. To play this game you need to have the skill of resource management and some economic planning.

The Function Of Terra Mystica


This game requires skill more than luck. In this game, each player rules one of the 14 groups with subtlety and craft. A player has to try to rule as much of the area as possible as it is his responsibility to develop that group’s skills.

The main goal of the player is to expand its territory across the map. In an attempt to expand the territory it is important to manage the progression of the four religious cult tracks, which would show your concern towards the four elemental forces. All you need to do is transform the neighboring terrains into your native territory.

In short in Terra Mystica, players in order to build a structure and preserve their race and culture transform and colonize the landscape in their favor. The game is split into 6 rounds during which players take any number of activities to improve their society.

Action may involve setting new spaces upgrading the existing buildings, improving infrastructure. When a player cannot perform they must pass. A round ends upon all players passing.

How to Play The Game

Every building allows the player to develop different resources. Dwelling allows for more workers, and trading houses allow players to make money. Strongholds unlock a group’s special ability and temple allows players to develop religion and terraforming. In Terra Mystica, the player has an option where the temple can be upgraded to become a sanctuary.

It is necessary that every group enhances its terraforming skill which would also help in developing its skill with a boat to use the river. For additional income, the player has an option to use bonus cards, to unlock special action or reward victory points and for specific structure at the end of the game.

In Terra Mystica, a player owns four types of currency, priests, workers, money, and power. The player having the most number of victory points wins the game.

The Bowl Of Power

Each player has 12 power token that is allocated among three bowls. Power actions require power in a bowl. On one hand, the player gains power in the game as income and on the other hand the opponent building structures or by advancing on the cult track player will not get any new power, but rather move the existing ones from bowl to bowl.



Terra Mystica is a board game that has a wide variety of game lines. One can choose the games depending on their taste and preference. These games provide unique challenges and opportunities to the players helping them to make the right decision at the right time.

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