Rock And Roll With Backgammon


Backgammon is one of the ancient games; its history leads us back to 5000 years ago. In the past, the astrologist discovered this game in Mesopotamia. This game requires two players; each player receives fifteen pieces. Those pieces move between the twenty–four triangles according to the dice numbers after rolling.

The primary purpose of the game is to change course away from the wind. Reallocate all pieces from the board. This is an ancient board game, which is a set of luck and strategy in rolling dice. Dice decides the result of the single game. 


A Game of Backgammon

Backgammon Pieces Can Be: 

· Stones

· Checkers

· Draughts,

· Men

· Pipes

· Chips

· Nips

· Pawns

· Discs

The game rule is to remove all parts from the board before their component. The game duration is not very long as players have a short time to play and win. The player who manages to bear off pieces first eventually wins.



Each side of the board has consisted of a track of 12 long triangles. These triangles are known as points. The points dedicated with numbers from 1 to 24, and it has a shape of house shoe. The standard setup of the game is each player kick off with the 15 chips.

Where two are positioned on the 24 points, 8 points have three chips, and 13 points have five disks, and 6 point has five chips. The two components play by moving chips in the opposite direction to lead the flakes towards position 1. 

Through 6 points 1 is home board. It is also called the inner board. 

Through 12, Point 7 is called the outer board. These 7 points are bar points, and the 13 positions are known n as the midpoint. 


At the start of the game, one player rolls the dice, and one component dice with low numbers. Where the player with high numbers moves the first chip by using achieved numbers through dice. If the player gets the same names, then the player must roll the dice again. The dice must be flat on the surface of the right-hand side after going to determine the numbers.

After rolling, players can select rotate turns by rolling twice the dice every turn. Players move their chips according to the dice number after every roll. For example, if the player runs and get six, then the player must move 6 points forward, and another three-point ahead for the three denoted as 6-3.


Backgammon is somewhat the same as poker and chess, as it relies on the strategy and luck simultaneously. The dice determine the player’s luck in the game better game and numbers determine the winner. Also, this game is like poker as a player select among several options to position the chip and wait for the counter move of another player. 

This game has significant interest from all over the world. This popularity has made its presence in online play stores where you can download and enjoy the game. 

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