Snakes And Ladders Is A Classic Game!


Everybody has an interest in playing games, be it kids, youngsters or adults. Some have an interest in playing classic games, and some love playing adventurous games. Snakes and ladders is a traditional game that is played by every age group. Initially, this game was originated in India during the 19th century. Moreover, later this game started spreading all over the universe.

Initially, the snake and ladder board game was introduced in India as Moksha Patam. Moreover, this game is designed to bring out a moral lesson to the people. Two or more can play. Additionally, each player has a different colored token that represents their play. They play the game by rolling a particular dice one after the other. Usually, this game depends on one’s luck. Hence, the player who reaches the final square after facing all the trouble and danger will be considered as the winner.

Snakes and ladders is a game that depicts the real-life of a human. Here, lots of pictures of snakes and ladders are projected. The snake represents evil, and the wrong side and the ladder represent success and the right side. You need to move forward and face all the challenges to get the victory in the game. Likewise, in real life, there will be evil things and good things happening. Additionally, you need to identify good and evil and overcome all the challenges to face success in your life. 

How To Play Snakes And Ladders Game?

  • Two or more players should play this game.
  • Each player will receive a different colored token for their play, and all should use the same dice to roll.
  • All the players should start the game at the place named “start here” (1st square).
  • One after the other, players should roll the dice and take a move forward that is depicted in the dice rolled by them.
  • While moving forward, you may end up landing in the bottom of the ladder, and then you should climb up the stairs and land on the square where the top of the ladder is there.
  • Suppose if your token, landed on the square that depicts the head of the snake, you need to move down where the snakes tail end up finally.
  • If a player rolls the dice and if it turns for number 6, the player is eligible to play another the chance.
  • After facing all the challenges and strategies, the player who lands on the finish square (100th square) first, regarded as the winner of the game.

You can play snakes and ladders game at home and as well as online. You can purchase the game board to redirect to your past.

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