The Checkers Game Is Incomparable

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The Checkers game is a group of the strategy board game of two players. Checkers or draughts, you can call it either way. This game should be played by two players compulsorily. The players only need the skills of strategy and tactics. If the players have these factors, it would be easy to win the game. Checkers was originated and developed from Alquerque. It all started in a city in Iraq. However, the name means to draw or move.

The Basic Strategy for Winning at Checkers Game 

  • Control the center
  • Don’t play defensively
  • Aim to get a checker to end of the board
  • Willingness to sacrifice a cracker if necessary
  • Use force moves
  • Leave your home row crackers until you need them.

Diagonally Double Up In The Checkers Game?

Checkers game involves diagonal moves of the uniform game and mandatory captures by jumping over opponent pieces to win the game strategically. Diagonally double up means you place your game checker piece on another game checker piece of yours so that they cannot be jumped. Always make your checkers kinged, as this allows the other checkers to move freely around the board without any barriers.

Checkers’ movement cannot be done diagonally without a king checker. A regular checker can move a space diagonally forward to a free square. In the point of king movement, the king movement can run any distance, forward or backward, along an unobstructed diagonal. It must be in a free square.

The 10×10 board will be ideal for an international checkers game. Around 40 kings can be gained from the initial position. With a cooperative opponent, it is easy to get 12 kings on the board. In an international checker game, they can capture backward as with non-king men. A king may make extraordinary jumps in a single turn provided that each vault captures an opponent man or a king.

Additional Information About Checkers

In the checkboard, there are 64 alternating light and dark squares. The dark squares are highlighted in the game. However, 16 inches wide checkerboards are used in official games. They’re with buff and green squares. You can play checkers for entertainment purposes to enrich your mood since it brings relaxation and peace.

When you are playing checkers game, you will always have a winning mindset. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to be guided in a victory path. 



All that you need to do to win the game is to make your checker piece reach the last row of the board, so it is kinged or crowned and becomes a king. A king and regular checker move in the same way.

For a king checker, the opponent cannot run the regular checker. He also needs to have a king checker to run. In the end, you can win the game entirely without any issues if all your regular checkers are kinged. Play and enjoy the checkers game by following the tips given. 

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