The Infamous Battle Masters

Battle Masters is a game between the empire (good) and the chaos (evil forces). The evil forces are the combined armies of the chaos; orcs, goblins, and the ogres. They are the armies of the war harmer fantasy setting. Played on a large vinyl sheet that looks like a battlefield, there are plastic miniatures that enhance the look. The miniatures are unpainted and are ready for the players to decorate as per their choice. Based on the instruction booklet, some miniatures are placed on the vinyl to enhance the terrain pieces.


The movement in the game of Battle Masters is made by drawing cards. The pictures or on the card represents the movement of a player. Many times there are multiple pictures on a card and all elements move together.


The Chaos

The champion of chaos is the main cavalry of the chaos forces. The player gets 1 unit of it in which Gorefisthimself is the chaos general. They have the highest dice ratings and have a special card that gives an extra dice roll.

Wolf riders are available in two units to the player. The players are fast movers but are weaker in combats.

The ogre champions are available in one unit. The game involves shuffling and drawing of six cards. The six cards have 3 move cards and 3 attack cards. The six cards are drawn one by one and the player plays in the sequence the cards are drawn. For example: Move, attack, attack, move, move, attack. The player always has a choice to not take action. While all the others get three hit points the ogres get six.

The chaos warriors can roll combat dice of four while all others get only three and are available in 2 units.

Chaos archers are available in two units. Unaffected by ditches they can either attack or move.

The orcs are available in 2 units and roll combat three dices.

Batsmen are similar to the orcs except for the looks and are available in 2 units.

The goblins are the weakest and roll two dice in combat and are available in two units.

The Imperial Army

The Lord Knights unit is as equal to The Champions of Chaos. They make 1 unit of the Imperial Army. The army has its own special card that they share with the Imperial Knights. They have a 5 dice roll attack.

The Imperial Knights make 3 units of the Imperial army. They are not powerful enough and are allowed to attack with four dice. The warriors have their own power card that allows them to make an extra attack.

Men at Arms makeup 3 units of the army and roll 3 dice in combat.


The Imperial Crossbowmen make 1 unit and can either attack or move. Unlike the archers, they move three spaces.

Imperial Archers make 2 units and can either move or attack. Ditches do not affect them and they move two spaces at a time.

The Mighty Canon moves and attacks different from the others and make 1 unit of the army.


One can customize the game as per the player’s choice. The player can introduce obstacles and markers at choice to make the game even more interesting. The enhancement includes ditches, hedges, marshes, and river fords.


People introduced several expansion packs in the game but they never introduced newer cards. The Battle Masters expansions and the game of enforcements but the movement cards are still old.


An interesting board game as it is, Battle Masters has won hearts in the field of family board games. Leading to its popularity the game has received many accolades and is winning hearts all over.

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