The Juiciest Details About Twilight Imperial

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Twilight Imperial is one of the most popular board games today. The game is highly popular for the unbelievable relaxation that it gives to the players. Have you played any other board games before? How entertaining was it?

What are some of the Components of Twilight Imperial?

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Twilight Imperial is an entertaining board that requires three to six players. The player attempts to take on the role of vying for domination. Domination is only possible via military strength, economic power, as well as one’s maneuvering prowess.

The players strive to triumph and earn ten victory points successfully.

As soon as the player earns the ten victory points, they now have the right to claim the Imperial throne. Additional components in the set up include;

  • Cards
  • The galaxy
  • Placing units
  • Factions
  • Speaker
  • Victory point track

Which Strategy Cards Can a Player Use?

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A player is allowed to select a strategy card during the strategy phase. The cards are highly useful to the player when they get to the action phase.

Warfare Card

A player at the strategy phase is allowed to choose this card to move similar units’ tow times. The player can also use the card to accumulate units then move them during the same turn.

Politics Card

The player can select the card at the strategy phase. The card is useful in the determination of which player gets the speaker for the subsequent rounds. Additionally, the card allows a player to draw other cards, which gives the player special abilities in the game.

Diplomacy Card

This card helps in the protection of the player against attacks. What’s more, the card also helps the player to re-use the planets, if they so wish.


This is arguably the most sought-after card during the strategy stage. The card helps the player to have better command tokens. This, in turn, allows more actions, especially in the action phase. This is what makes Twilight Imperial interesting.

Benefits of Playing Twilight Imperial?

Anything game which does not guarantee any benefit is not worth your time. Twilight Imperial is one of the board games with the most excellent benefits. Below are some of the most outstanding benefits accrued from playing the game.

Twilight Imperial greatly exercises the player’s mind

The game requires the player to think critically and devise igneous tactics to outsmart his or her opponents. It’s not surprising that some twilight imperial games take more than five hours, depending on the players.

Enhances the player’s self-confidence

The game requires one to make a move for the opponent to make a move too. Therefore, a player has no option but to believe in themselves. The more confident the player is, the higher the chances of emerging victorious. This is because the player is bound to make a more rational move.

The game is highly entertaining

 Twilight Imperial is one of the most exciting board games. The game can involve as many players as five, who compete against each other. Players can enjoy each other’s company and laugh at each other whenever the teammates make silly moves.

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