The Rento Game, What Do You Know About It?


A Rento game is very practical in our real lives. Suppose we have a build additionally, we rent it out that and collect rent from it. The same task applies here in this game. We sell and buy properties and lands in reality, we do the same thing, but as a game, we play it. Real-life is not applicable to this game since actual money transactions will not take place.

Rento game is mostly played by very talented players. In this game, high concentration and knowledge are critical to success. The game requires more than one player. A man alone can’t play this game. According to the rules, 2-6 players should participate in this game.

Most of the time, the players who are brave and intelligent will win the game. This game was initially originated by Elizabeth Magie, with a U.S patent in the year 1904. She introduced this game board to show the real economic state of the country also, how lands are controlled in terms of monopoly. Plus, how people used tax as a remedy to value the property. The same concept is applied in the Rento game, as well. 

How To Play Rento Game

  • Play with two or more players
  • Select a banker (he should be responsible for all properties of the Rento game)
  • Arrange the board
  • Select a symbol piece that depicts your play
  • Give each player $1500 as initial payment
  • Roll the dice and select the 1st player 
  • Move around the board to purchase properties and land
  • Every time as you pass “go” collect $200 from the banker
  • Buy many properties and land to become the winner of the Rento game

There Are Many Cards In The Rento Game But Few Are Mentioned

  • Four quick start cards are there
  • 39 property cards are available
  • Action cards
  • Money cards
  • The card that can double the rent amount
  • The card that helps you to steal properties 
  • It`s my birthday card
  • Debt collector card
  • Rent card – This card can be used to collect the rent from rest of the players

You can play this game at your home, school, and workplace. This is an exciting game where a person can win the game only by using knowledge. You can purchase Rento game from the best dealer of game boards. You will surely achieve a higher range of satisfaction and happiness if you have your purchase from the best seller.

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Mini Basketball Game Toy Board Game

Mini Basketball Game Toy Board Game

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