Things You Must Know About Chinese Chess

Chinese chess is also known as Xiangqi in many counties. It is one of the famous games in china. This game began to become accessible from ancient times in China. It is said that the game was evolved from an Indian counterpart. However, many say that it was developed with another game known as Liubo. Also, as in any other game, there are rules and methods to play Chinese chess. 


While playing this chess, you will learn a bit about Chinese culture too. When you are starting to play, you will notice that it contains chess pieces. The characters you would see in two sides of the Chinese Chess are:

  • Four bombers
  • Four horses
  • Ten soldiers
  • Four chariots
  • Four elephants 
  • Four king’s soldiers
  • Two kings

About Chess Pieces In Xiangqi          

  1. The king can be moved only one space in each turn in any direction. However, the king has to be within his palace boundary. The palace boundary is marked with letter X. if the king dies, that ends the game. As in regular chess, there is no checkmate. Once the king is dead, the Chinese chess game will be over.
  2. The same rules are applied for the guards as for the king. The guards can move only diagonally.
  3. The elephants can be moved one extra space than a knight. It will run two spaces at a time backward or forward. However, the elephant cannot cross the river.
  4. The cars can be moved vertically or horizontally many spaces at a time. The chariot can straightly kill its target. The bomber can’t kill its target straightly. There should be a chess piece in between the target as well as the bomber. 

More About Chinese Chess

  1. The knights (horses) can move two spaces vertically and one space horizontally (or vice versa). 
  2. The pawns or soldiers can be moved one space at a time vertically unless it has crossed the river. If they pass the river, they can move forward, backward, left, as well as right.
  3. You can move the cannons (bombers) freely. It can kill any other piece that stands straightly ahead from it.

The Chinese Chess Board

Chinese chess is a square-shaped mat that consists of 8×8 boxes. When it is divided into two, each player will have four boxes. The river is situated in the mid of the board. Also, the castle is in the center of the back of the board. King is in the middle of the back row as well as the king’s soldiers will be on either side of the king. Next to the soldier will be the elephants and then the horses and chariots. Five soldiers will stand evenly in the front row. Two bombers will be behind them. 



Before you play any game, make sure to go through all the rules and techniques you can use to win the game. You do not have to cheat in any game if you know to play it well. Chinese chess is also an exciting game you can play during your leisure time. 

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