Unbelievable Information About The Catan Universe


Does the name Catan Universe ring any bell? This is an outstanding video game that you can play on your pc, smartphone, or your desktop. The game is highly popular with the youth owing to the incredible benefits it exposes the players to. Some of these benefits include enhancing one’s mental strength, boosting the player’s social skills, and enhancing the player’s concentration and coordination level.

Origin Of The Catan Universe Video Game

Klaus Teuber meticulously designed the Catan Universe video game. The multi-player pastime board game was then published in 1995. The game is widely referred to as The Settlers of Catan. The designer was a German who resided in Europe. At first, the game was only limited to Europe as it originated from that continent.

However, owing to the simplicity of the game as well as the overall nature of the board game, it spread rapidly to other continents. At the end of 2015, over twenty-two million copies of The Settlers of Catan has been sold in over twenty-five languages. The game’s popularity is bound to grow even more, as the demand for simple board games is on the rise.

What One Needs To Play Catan Universe


For any player to play this board game, they must begin by signing up. The essence of the sign up is to submit your details for account creation. Once you’ve signed up, you are required to unlock access to seasons using a specified amount of scrolls. The scroll amount is, however, not constant as there are different levels.

Can One Play The Board Game Offline?

Catan Universe is usually played online on the game’s official site. However, the game also allows the player to participate in any of the games offline. Alternatively, a player can also play this game locally through Bluetooth or Game Center. Additionally, a player can play the game using the App instead of using a browser all the time. The advantage of the app is that it’s more convenient and faster, making the game even more exciting.

What Makes Catan Universe A Special Board Game?

You Can Play Offline

There are very few board games that players can participate in offline. Interestingly, any player can conveniently play the Catan Universe game offline or locally via Bluetooth. Think of the amount of cash you stand to save daily!

The Boardgame Upholds Player’s Privacy

For any player to take part in any of these board games, they must bear an active account. All players begin by signing up, and can only play in their accounts. This helps to enhance the player’s privacy as their details and game history are secured. Unless you share your password, your safety is fully guaranteed!

Catan Universe Is Straightforward And Entertaining

Typically, board games should remain fun and straightforward. Nowadays, there are several sophisticated and mentally-involving games, which dramatically puts off players. Catan Universe is one of the simplest games to learn.


Board games are usually meant for entertaining and whiling away of time. Therefore, do not go for sophisticated and boring games, yet there is a simple and incredibly exciting game. Spend your leisure time playing Catan Universe. A game that relaxes your mind and provokes you to think. Don’t wait anymore, register today, and get immeasurable entertainment!

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