Unpublicized Details About Battle Master

The Battle Masters

Have you ever heard about Battle Masters? If you haven’t, don’t worry, we got you covered! Battle Masters is a highly entertaining board game that was developed in 1992 by a man known as Milton Bradley. The board game is highly preferred by many people owing to the benefits it exposes the players to whenever they play it. The game is only open to players above nine years of age.

What Categories Are Available?

The Battle Masters

Battle Masters games are usually subdivided into different categories. A player is at liberty to select the category that they’re most comfortable with. Below are the four basic types which you can choose from and get rewarded whenever you emerge victoriously.


These are games that have unique themes and scenarios which are virtual. The scenes exist in the fictional world. Also, this category primarily uses magic and other supernatural forms for the setting. Some of the common elements include magic, which can be coupled with units, a struggle between the good versus evil forces, and some creatures which are common in most fantasy books.


As the name suggests, these are games that involve military actions. The timelines may vary from ancient times and present times. Also, some timelines go beyond the current schedule. This is what makes Battle Masters mind-blowing as well as entertaining.

The actions in these games could be as small as between small military units to as significant as global-scale military action. How awesome is that? Since the category deals with a wide range of wars, the player can select the level of the game they’re interested in participating in.


This term is not new to you. This category only deals with themes as well as scenarios only possible in the non-existing world. Just like the fighting category, the fantasy genre also uses magic as well as superhuman powers. However, the type keeps off any macabre and scientific themes.

What are some of the essential elements of this Battle Masters game category? Well, firstly, the game involves struggling between evil spirits versus the good; the game requires magic, which can be used together with abilities and creatures only mentioned in fantasy books.

What Microbadges are Available for the Fantasy Category?

The Battle Masters

The Fantasy category has five micro badges. Also, The player is free to purchase any of these badges. These are;

  • Fantasy Gamer-79
  • The Fantasy Gamer-25
  • Fantasy Gamer-167
  • The Fantasy Gamer-39
  • Fantasy Gamer-79


This is a category of Battle Masters in which only miniatures stage the scenes of the game. Typically, the miniatures are crucial components in the game. Miniature games enjoy impressive ratings, as they are profoundly relaxing as well as captivating. Some of these small games available for you include;

  • The 7th Continent
  • Adrenaline
  • Aeon Trespass Odyssey Gamechanger Titan
  • 878 Vikings Invasion of England


It’s no secret that the love for Battler Masters game is growing fast. This is mainly because the games are highly convenient and entertaining.

Additionally, there are four distinct categories for you. The fantasy category especially is highly mind-opening as it opens up the player’s mind to the future. Aside from sharpening the player’s life skills, the game also helps in enhancing the player’s concentration level. You should try this game! It’s unbelievably mind-blowing.

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